CombineZM 1.0

CZM betters photos by merging their focused section and creating a new image
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Alan Hadley

If you have been using CombineZM (CZM), here is good news. The program is fully compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 2000, making it commendable that the developers have managed to keep their programs in such a way that the whole range of Windows versions has been supported.

CZM’s best point is that it allows you to finally utilize your dud, unfocused photos by merging their focused section and creating a new image. Pictures can then be stored in a variety of formats be it movie, 3D or as a slide show. Once you’ve selected your preferred format, you can start editing the image by resizing it, working on dust spots, enhance the color quality or take out the noise.

CombineZM has a macro feature allowing you to store solutions to problems that are hard to tackle or recurring. For those novice users, a set of prewritten Macros are provided. When feeding the program with images they most likely come from a digital camera or webcam or other stored device. So feeding info is made quite simple. While taking pictures, you can intervene in typical quality functions such as adjust the shutter speed, control the stepper motor and even change the lighting.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Does magic with pictures


  • Excludes16-bit images and requires a specific load order
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